Windows utilities

by IanB

All software written fully in Assembler for maximum speed and minimum size!

iJ.gif     iJoin v1.62
A simple split-file joiner for binary splits.

Faster than HJSplit and with better error-checking! With options to remove source split files automatically after a completed join and to join the file in a different folder from the split source location. Now supports 4-digit splits for .TS format files.

iD.gif     iDecode v1.0
Coming soon, a complete Assembler rewrite of my VB utility yDecode.

The ultimate automation tool for Usenet! A versatile yEnc/UUE Usenet decoder with fully automatic file verification, PAR and PAR2 repair capabilities, unRARing and lots more for use with any newsreader, and especially with NewsPlex.

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